Sheepshead Review is a biannual publication, meaning you get two chances a year to submit. Send us your flash fiction, your art, and anything in between! Please see our Submittable page for guidelines on submissions. Everyone can submit up to three (3) pieces to our fiction, nonfiction, and poetry genres. Everyone can submit up to five (5) pieces to our visual arts genre. READY TO SEND US SOMETHING? SUBMIT HERE! POETRY Our poetry staff is looking for a honed edge. Fresh and lucid content with palpable imagery that tantalizes all the senses really gets them going. Any form is accepted, from free-verse to concrete to formal. Be original. Be bold. Take risks. Be human. NONFICTION Our nonfiction staff wants your short memoirs, opinion pieces, narrative stories, interviews, profiles, historical narratives, letters…we’ve even published ironic recipes. The more creative, the better. We don’t want your life story, we want that one epiphanic moment that changed you. FICTION The fiction staff goes for originality almost as much as the poetry staff. Keep it succinct, keep it human. Short doesn’t denote shallow, neither does long, sophisticated. Hemingway could roil a stomach in six words. VISUAL ARTS The visual arts staff are looking for work that shows quality craftsmanship, unique style, and expression of the artist. All mediums of visual art are welcome. A note from the visual art staff: Images should be 300dpi and at least 5×7″. SHR does not offer post-processing services. Any submissions not visually presented well will likely be rejected. If you need technical assistance, ask us first and we’ll do our best to help. DIGITAL AND AUDITORY MEDIA Digital media staff is searching for the creative and expressive non-traditional outlets that appeals to a broad demographic and tells a story beyond the page.