Sheepshead Review is a biannual publication, which means you've got two chances a year to get yourself published in the hottest literature and art mag in town. We'll accept your short prose, your art thesis, and anything in between! We've got some guidelines below if you're having trouble thinking of what to submit.


We're looking for a honed edge. Fresh and lucid content with palpable imagery that tantalizes all the senses really gets them going. Any form is accepted, from free-verse to concrete to formal. Be original. Be bold. Take risks. Be human. (And, for Sheeps' sake, have a good title!) Note: Poetry about cake or cookies is only accepted if accompanied by samples.


We're like your fluffy german shepherd. We'll eat up anything. Short-memoirs, opinion pieces, narrative stories, interviews, profiles, subject pieces, eulogies, historical non-fiction narratives, journals... we've even published ironic recipes. Back to the dog-food thing: the thicker, tastier, or smellier, the better. We don't want your life story, we want that one epiphanal moment that changed you.


We go in for originality almost as much as the poetry folks. Keep it succinct, keep it human. Short doesn't denote shallow, neither does long sophisticated. Hemingway could roil a stomach in six words.


We unanimously request: "Please don't send us an ear." (Also, all mediums are welcome.)

A boring note from the visual art staff: Images should be 300dpi and at least 5x7". SHR does not offer post-processing services. Any submissions not visually presented well will likely be rejected. If you need technical assistance, ask us first and we'll do our best to help.