SHR | Random!
Try again?
issue #34 vol. 2
It comes cautiously before thought occurs
Skipping so high your feet only flit across the ground
You are in the elementary school parking lot.
Running with such uninhibited power
You are in the middle school cafeteria
You leap, bound, chase and fight to the highschool gymnasium where you
Throw the blood red cap in the air and fail to catch it.

He calls you sweetheart in a voice
That reminds you of a car driving slowly down a gravel driveway
You see him twice a year but you don’t think about him
Birthdays flash by without memory,
Forgotten before remembered. 

Only holidays are celebrated
Only holidays you remember

You jump to the stool where your legs largely fail to touch the ground as you stare
At the pickles, olives, and chex mix in front of you
He’s there as you gracefully step onto the stool 
He grows older
But you grow younger. 
It never changes
Hi sweetheart.
Gimme more!