Make Your Mark!

Share where you are reading Sheepshead Review from! Show off how far the journal has reached and attach a photo if you would like!

To add your Sheepshead Review location:

1. Select the “View larger map” button on the far right of the menu bar on the map to open the map in a new tab.

2. Click the menu button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to open a dropdown menu.

3. Next, click the lowest option: “Google Drive” to add this map to your google drive so you can edit it!

4. In your google drive, open the map.

5. Click on the “add marker” button (located at the top of the screen below the search bar) and then click on your location. Include a description, comment, or photo if you would like!

6. Navigate around the map to see where else Sheepshead Review has reached by using the “Select items” hand button!