Fall 2020

How She Kills
Natascha Graham

“I was dead before I realized I was dying…” How She Kills tells the often untold story of a survivor of narcissistic abuse in a lesbian relationship. For two years, Gillian Dawson was abused by the woman that claimed to love her. She was manipulated, bullied, gaslit and lied to by a woman who had multiple affairs with multiple other women. In How She Kills, Gillian retells her story, her battle with her mental health, and the strength she found within herself to leave, and most importantly, survive.
“Underworld Unrest”
Brady Wiegman

India Ink on Cold Press Watercolor Paper. This piece had no real plan and played off of random shapes and spatters of ink that I refined into a narrative of light and dark. A barrier separates our world from theirs, yet the forest seems to be a place where the barrier becomes thin and elements spill in from the afterlife.